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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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fowler. >> john is live in walnut creek. you found many people were unprepare education bill for this cold. >> reporter: absolutely. got quite a bit chillier just as the sun set. as bill said, the sky is clear. we found many people thinking this is a bit of a shock. >> people told us one day after shirt sleeves, this cold is startling. >> oh, gosh. freezing. yeah. it's even freezing in our office it's hitting us that bad. >> with the change in the cloud cover, signaling a new cold front, the diablo valley could see the bay area's biggest freeze drop. >> this is nothing. california really compared to what a lot of people are going through, this isn't anything. >> many people, including maureen taylor jammed nurseries today. she bought burlap as a garden blanket. >> my plants are fond of 32 below. >> they are not going to take cold conditions, and they won't
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bounce back. >> guard center covered their plants. >> you can take this blanket. >> tropical plants, cold snaps are curiously dangerous for them. >> it can fry the plant. it can take it out completely. >> citrus is especially vulnerable. spray like this, a lifesaver. >> it is like a wax. helps to sale in the moisture. >> about five years ago there was a really hard frost. loot of folks lost a lot of citrus in this area. >> reporter: they warn against using plastic sheeting. that can actually damage plants in the cold. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you some things that you should do tonight. live in walnut creek, john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >> just in time for the cold snap, three cold weather shelters opened last night in the south bay. santa clara county provides 275 emergency beds. in says, sunnyvale and gilroy. a recent study by the federal
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government found that says, santa clara county area has the fifth largest homeless population in the country behind seattle, los angeles and san diego. our coverage continues throughout the hour. at 5:30, we will take you to the area which got snowed to. why it wasn't enough to make businesses happy. now developing. the desperate search for a says man and his family who are missing in the idaho wilderness. the small plane disappeared. they have been missing sense sunday. about bun hour ago -- one hour ago the sheriff's department told ktvu the search had been called off for the day. rod brock has more. >> reporter: the company that missing pilot helped start, here coworkers have been monitoring developments all day and are still hoping this story
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will have a happy ending. >> at the company dale smith founded, employees were going about their worked to waiting upon word from the search. >> the longer this goes on, the more worrisome it gets. but we're still hopeful. >> randy started the company with the 51-year-old smith and says he is an excellent pilot. >> very good pilot. i have flown with him a number of times. he is very meticulous in everything he does. if anybody could land that plane, i think he could. >> they say smith spent the family with relatives. on sunday smith planned to fly his son and daughter-in-law to their home near butte missouri then fly his daughter and their -- montana. but smith never made it to any of those destinations. his bonanza went missing with all five people on board. >> dale is a man of experiences and many talents. he is the right person to get out of a tough situation.
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>> approximately 40 people from the valley county sheriff's department and other idaho agencies have internaling all day. they detected a faint signal from the plane's transponder but haven't been able to find where it is coming from. >> it is a very weak signal. this is very rugged terrain which i have heard complicates the effort. >> smith's wife is in idaho helping with the search which resumes tomorrow morning. we're learning smith is also a humanitarian. we'll talk about that come l up at 6:00. reporting live in says, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco, police are looking for a female driver who kept going after hitting a pedestrian not once but twice. it happened just before 11:00 this morning in the south of market area. police tell ktvu when the woman was first hit, she ended up on the hood of the vehicle. authorities say the driver then stopped, pulled the victim off the hood and then ran over her again as she sped off.
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the victim ended up with a broken leg. police are still looking for that driver. in the south bay, police say a man shot and injured his wife during and argumented to at an apartment complex in santa clara. officers were called to the royal ambassador apartments about 11:00 this morning. they say a woman was found suffering from a gunshot wound. her injuries are not considered to be life threatening. police have arrested her husband in connection with the shooting. says police police officer -- san jose police officers may finally have that deal with the city. ed to they voted to accept the tentative agreement reached with negotiators last month. if approved on december 10th, police officers will get a 4% raise in says -- in san jose in four years. at 6:00, hear from one officer who says it is not about the money. his insight and frustration tonight at 6:00.
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frustrations also coming from bart riders. at issue, whether or not bart negotiated in good faith. ktvu's tom bake live from the west oakland bart station with more on a lawsuit that could actually end up changing the law. >> reporter: here is the next chapter in all of this. what negotiators could not settle in nine months may well be settled by a judge. but who knows when. >> next up for this union train operator, alameda superior court. the union says bart's board was obligated to either accept or reverdict the total final negotiated contract, not just eliminate the paid family leave clause. >> cannot refuse to ratify a total package agreement without good cause. >> bart negotiated in good faith. what the board took up was what the negotiating team brought to them. >> amazingly, bart is not
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subject to state laws. one section of the state utility's code says it is required to negotiate in good faith. but. >> thunder statute, there are virtually no case -- under this statute, there are virtually no cases involving unfair labor practices. >> the court will give guidance for how other courts decided those kaisers. >> these agencies have had no trouble -- those cases. >> these agencies have had no trouble finding it is bad faith bargaining. >> a lawsuit will delay a resolution to this contract which is already gone on far too long. for months if not longer. >> bart riders said this. >> they think they can win it in court. go for it. you know. it's less inconvenience for the public, right? >> i think that it is fairer, and i think that it will, through time, streamline the process so that this nonsense doesn't happen again. >> bart's board will first
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consider the lawsuit on thursday, but the court here actually could make new law. reporting live, tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. a school lock downed to because of a shooting. the shooting happened just before 11:00 this morning. the man who was shot died at the scene. it is not clear how old he was. children at er taylor elementary school were ordered not to go outside while police searched for the gunman. no word of an arrest or motive. today, the final bells rang for a retired san francisco fire department captain. the 62-year-old died from a battle with cancer. dozens of firefighters and
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hundreds of family members and lovered ones attended. >> -- loved ones attended. >> to know he is still very much a part of our heart. >> he worked at fire station 1. doctors say his death was due to exposure to chemicals during his years of service. he is one of three who have died from this rare cancer. two others have been diagnose with the same disease. president obama launched a new campaign encouraging people to sign for coverage under the affordable health care act. the president said problems with the government website have now been fixed and the overwhelming number of people using it to register are getting good service. >> whatever comes up, we will fix it because we know that the ultimate goal, the ultimate aim is to make sure people have basic security and the foundation for the gad health that they need. >> the president -- good health
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they need. >> the president promised to make the new health care law work even if it took the next three years of his epidemic presidency. >> the republican chairman of the house oversight committee sent letters to 15 insurance giants asking about policy changes after the affordable care act was implemented. one of those companies is blue shield of california which says it will respond to those questions. one east bay city is looking to regulate a new trend. new at 5:30, the plan for ecigarettes that is up for a vote tonight. an unusual but welcome site at the airport. first, the host of a well known cable show being remembered tonight after a deadly motorcycle crash. >> he was a lovely time. sorry to lose -- guy. we are sorry to lose him. >> also, the telling post he made on facebook.
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i just told you about the freeze warning that will go into effect. when i come back, i will tell you how cold it will get in your neighborhood and those morning overnight temperatures. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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big problemmed to for the owner of this home on foothill boulevard in cupertino. a dump truck crashed right into the detash the garage about 6:30 this morning. the truck also -- detached garage about 6:30 this morning. neighbors say there were complaints in the past about speeding trucks. no one at the home was injured. treasure island truck driver suffered -- the truck driver suffered minor scratches. bill beckwidth was killed
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last night riding his motorcycle in san francisco. kevin stevenson has more and something about the interesting post he put on his facebook page back in october. >> reporter: members of his motorcycle club are gathering to speak out about him and to grieve together. >> with tears and smiles, friends of the 38-year-olded to remembered him as a dramatic and daring adventurer. >> bill was somebody who certainly loved life. his love of motorbikes was part of that. >> he was a sap fan contractor and carpenter but was best known as a cohost of hgtv's curb appeal. also piston and chain motorcycle the club he was a member of. he died monday night in the collision with a car. >> unfortunately, we all agree that if we take on this hobby and sport this is part of what you take on. this is what happens. >> i just heard a loud metal crushing hitting against each
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other. >> witnesses say it appeared beckwidth collided with a car turning left as he rode north. >> i saw a guy about 10 feet from a motorcycle on the ground not moving and a car a couple feet away that had a major don't side. >> in october, beckwidth posted on his facebook page about assisting the victims of a head- on collision. quote, a solid reminder that our lives can change at nip is that not and to be grateful for -- instant and to be great. >> we're sorry to lose him. >> he create the membership board that hangs in the clubhouse kitchen. many of those motorcyclist are now coming in to mourn him. >> we have opened the store for people to just remember bill and not be alone. >> reporter: the owner which produce curb appeal says beckwidth was an experienced motorcyclist who had recently ridden to south america. she describes his death as really tragic. police say the driver in the crash is cooperating with the
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investigation. no charges have been filed. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. some san francisco giants minor league players are okay after being involved in a crash in arizona. but a dozeplayers were in a passenger van when it was hit by at the car. no one was seriously hurt. the van was pulling out of a hotel when it was hit. police say the van driver appears to be at fault. >> at this point of the investigation, it appears as though the driver of the transport van failed to yield exiting a private driveway and struck the kia. >> the driver of the kia was also not seriously injured. the players are in arizona for a conditioning camp. some people who are being forced out of their home in treasure island are hoping to get information on what happens next. they are being moved so they can clean up tope toxic material. tonight a public meeting will be held. the plan is to move two dozen
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families out in stages beginning next april. some residents may be allowed to return after the cleanup is over, but some homes will need to be demolished. seems amazon isn't the only company looking into using dronenburgs to deliver packages. ups won't confirm or denews chopper but calls drones an interesting technology. other report are also say that google has been testing dronenburgs since february for door to door delivery. companies wanting to use dronenburgs in the u.s. will have to wait until the federal aviation administration comes up with rules for their use. >> reporter: let's talk about our weather because it is really -- temperatures are really coming down. >> reporter: yeah. yesterday, 60s, near 70 degrees in some places. they were back in the mid-50s. by tomorrow, low 50s and even upper 40s for the daytime high. here is the front right here.
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then all the cold air is filtering in behind it. those clear skies are what is going to accommodate the very cold overnight low temperatures. current numbers 49 right now in napa. the north bay will see temperatures tomorrow morning just before sun rise that will be down into the upper 20s and low 30s. frost in lots of plaices. below freezing temperatures in lots of places tonight, especially in the north bay. yesterday's temperatures and today's temperatures, that front went through. separates the warm air from the cold air. now we are in the old air sector of that front. just happens to be very cold. kind of continental cold air that's going to settle in. stick around for awhile. it will drop temperatures in the north bay to the freeze warning level in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, excluding san francisco, as we go into wednesday night and thursday morning. so, a very cool period coming up. it's not going to warm up any
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time soon. overnight lows for tomorrow morning. 28 in santa rosa. 29 in fairfield. these numbers could dip even further out in the valley. upper 20s, low 30s. oakland 39 degrees. not 28, but 39 degrees in an urban area is a big deal. you have lots of issues when you get that kind of cold in the urban center. that's what we are going to see. temperatures will not just be cold at night but during the day as well. daytime highs in the low 50s and ier 40s into wednesday and thursday. that will be very noticeable. tomorrow, 49 in napa. that is a daytime high. daytime high in pleasanton.
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daytime high in livermore. temperatures, most of us will be in the upper 40s, low 50s. freeze warning tomorrow morning for the north bit. late tonight, early tomorrow morning. freeze warning wednesday night into thursday morning for the rest of the bay area excluding san francisco. what happens here, p we will talk about this more, but friday we have a chance for some showers. we see some significantly low snow levels with this. that's going to warm us up a little bit. we'll look forward for the chance of rain. in the meantime, hard freeze in the central valley which means temperatures are going to be below freezing for a long time. >> even in the newsroom we're talking about covering our plants, bringing the pets inside. >> yeah. when san francisco gets in the upper 30s and san jose, that's a big deal. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. up next, new information about a bay area man who's being held in north korea. what we're learning now about his past. plus. >> congratulations. a major milestone for a 100-
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year-old woman from the east bay. up next, the long road that started 80 years ago and how she has finally accomplished her goal. now to our julie haener in the newsroom with what we're working on for 6:00. a bitter battle that has taken a toll on san jose police officers. >> i personally lost my house reclint. we explore the new -- recently. a year's long fight in why some say it is not all about the money. plus, we have been monitoring the search for a san jose executive whose plane has gone missing. at 6:00, how this local pilot has a reputation for helping others in crisis. these stories and more coming up new at 6:00.
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former members of a guerrilla group that fought against north korea 60 years ago are now speaking out about the detention of an 85-year-old pa lo alto man. this weekend, he appeared on korean state television apologizing for his role in the korean war. some former burr relationship wills say newman supervised -- guerrillas say newman remembers him as an american lieutenant who provided food and weapons but largely left the fighting to them. they are also questioning his decision to visit north korea where the guerrilla group is still considered some of the most feared and hated fighters of the war. only on 2 tonight. a look ahead to who may be running in the next presidential election. california voters were asked about possible republican
5:25 pm
presidential candidates, and they appear to have a clear favorite, new jersey governor chris christie. he is on top with 47% voters who responded to the poll saying they have a favorable view of him. that compares to 29% favorable for bush, the former governor from florida and 24% for texas senator ted cruz. a federal judge has cleared the way for cash-strapped detroit to become the largest city in the united states to qualify for bankruptcy. detroit is more than $18 billion in debt. under today's ruling, detroit would be allowed to search for a way to pay off some of its debt and to restore essential city services. it's also expected to target public pensions during the reorganization which means labor unions will likely appeal today's decision. cold here in the bay area often means snow in the sierra. >> it has been padre year, but
5:26 pm
the ski resorts say it is about normal. then, river otters in san francisco bay? the new pictures that are giving hope to bay area environmentalist. plus, a $1,000 tip on a $150 tab. the mystery tipper hitting bay area restaurants. the clues he is leaving on receipts that are inpyring others across the country. ♪
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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when it's cold in the bay area, it usually means snow in the sierra. and that's exactly what happened today. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions. >> bill is live in our weather center. you have been looking for that snow. >> reporter: oh, yeah. i spoke to people. they got about a foot. they need more than that, but everything helps. live storm tracker 2 kind of shows the area, and it shows a little bit of green. shows a little bit of the activity that wept on up there. still snow flowing in the lake tahoe area. snow down below 4,000 feet.
5:30 pm
the thing ski resorts are excited about is it's cold so they are going to be making a lot of snow in the next 72 hours. cold temperatures make it easy to make snow e. when i come back, we will talk about that weather system i have been tracking for friday and how that's going to change things around. >> you can follow bill and the rest of our ktvu weather team on line for the latest. they are posting updates on twitter and facebook even when we are not on the air. ktvu's ken pritchett. >> ken live in blue canyon. bike it was really coming down this afternoon. >> reporter: it was, frank. you heard bill mention the snow levels down to about 4,000 feet. well, we are at 55, 5,200 feet. just a touch here. our the storm was just a little bit to the east and north of
5:31 pm
this location. when we went to the summit it was snow hard. that's just where the ski resorts need it. >> the crowds were light, but the snow was coming down heavy this afternoon at the ski resort. it is why jacob lewis and robertson came up for their first snow day of the year. >> man, first skiing of the season, dude. >> there is more snow today than there was a week ago. >> that's true. november brought a scant amount of snow. this storm will bring about a foot. skiers may feel like there is a long of snow, but resorts -- lack of snow. but resorts say this is typical. skiers and resorts were spoiled last year with a record november and december snow fall. so far, the lifts are not yet running. >> luckily, it is cold. so the snow will stay. we're making snow. we will get more.
5:32 pm
>> they say temperatures in the single digits overnight will allow snow making 24-7 for the next few days. he says any opening in mid- december is normal. but they expect to beat that mark. >> you know, winter is just starting. we're hoping to open friday. it is all tentative. >> reporter: want to show you a video of our drive down the mountain. on our way up, the roads were clear. on our way down, the highways were white. chain controls were in effect, and there was a significant backup. so if you are heading up here through the mountains, you will get all the way to blue canyon and the roads will be clear. then you will hit chain controls. they are in effect right now over the summit on interstate 80. ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to for more on this cold snap, including an hour by hour forecast for the area where you live. just look for the weather link right at the top of our home page. fewer people are smoking cigarettes these days, but a
5:33 pm
lot of those former smokers are picking up ecigarettes. paul chambers is in richmond where a debate will be taking place. >> reporter: cigarette smokers are growing in population for ecigarettes. some people say it is safe r. than regular cigarettes, but the fda hasn't signed off on that. there is growing cause for concern, especially in richmond. >> tonight will be the proposed first meeting to treat the ecigarettes like real cigarettes. >> jim rogers says many of the ecigarette companies are targeting the youth. ecigarettes look traditional but are battery operated but contain chemicals. since the fed is yet to determine -- fed is fda has yet
5:34 pm
to say whether ecigarettes are harmful -- we will be at the meeting when it starts in an hour. paul chambers, ktvu 2 news. a task force being created to implement a review process for officer-involved shooting. this comes in the wake of the death of 13-year-old andy lopez who was carrying a fake gun when sheriff's deputies shot and killed him in october. now each of the supervisors will report three members to the task force. >> trying to have a broad group of folks throughout the community to come together and talk about the issues that we have been talking about since the tragic event of the andy lopez shooting. >> the task force is expected to give its first recommendation by february and final recommendations by next december. a new feature on facebook. what users can do now to post
5:35 pm
that they just don't want to see. what happened today that could change the law on guns. >> he's alive. keep him there. also, some incredible video of what happened when a driver was looking for bodies from a zungen tug boat he grabbed a hand and a hand grabbed back. one of the bodies was still alive. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't.
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yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal, any recipe, with a dozen cookies baked in-restaurant. the kfc festive feast. that's a lot for just $19.99! today tastes so good.
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autopsies are being conducted today on the bodies of fast and furious star paul walker and his friend. both of them were killed in a horrible car crash. surveillance video shows the moment of impact in the high speed crash. you see the trees move behind the wall there when a car driven by walker's friend hit the light pole. it then takes up to a minute for thick, black smoke to start swirling treasure island the burning -- the burning wreckage of their porsche gt. >> and then i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion so help me god. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. new at 5:00, she's waited a long time. and now, just months after
5:39 pm
turning 100, she's an american citizen. they say they were honored to swear her in. she lives in freemont now, but her road to become a u.s. citizen started far away and a long time ago. >> she wanted to be a citizen when she was ninety something, but she wasn't able to because she doesn't know english. >> she left china and moved to hong kong when she was 21, migrated to kenya when she was 80. she turned 100 years old in october. she told her daughter she'll be happy here. >> the best part of being american is the sense of belonging. and, also happiness. >> she only had to wait two months to become a citizen after filing her paperwork. her daughter says her mother is looking forward to voting for the first time. an amazing story of survival over the summer that is now being posted over the
5:40 pm
internet. a body looking for divers in a sunken tug boat. this is video of the surprised diver when he grabbed a hand, and a hand grab him back. the tug boat sank off the coast of nigeria and 11 other people on board died. the survivor spent three long days 100 feet underwater stuck in an air pocket. the video shows the entire rescue. you will find a link on our website an unusual site in san francisco bay. the oakland zoo is celebrating zoo lights, but at least one zoo keeper is celebrating an otter and what it means. plus, a suspicious fire in the north bay that sent a firefighter to the hospital. the clue investigators found
5:41 pm
that suggest it may have been intentionally set. i just told you how cold it will get in your neighborhood. when i come back we will look at that next weather system that's headed your way. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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new information is emerging about is suspicious fire
5:44 pm
vallejo. investigators say they found a fire accelerant inside. investigators say the woman who had lived there had been gone for days. they say that someone broke into the apartment before the fire started. police arrested three teens in the brutal assault of an elderly woman thanks to the victim squeak call to 911. police say a 15-year-old girl grabbed the woman's purse from behind yesterday. when the victim pulled back, the girl punched her until she fell and then kicked her in the head several times. she then grabbed the purse and hopped into a waiting car. the victim called 911 with specific information about what happened. police later arrested the girl and two time boys. online sales hit a record high for cyber monday as more and more shoppers ditched the stores in favor of shopping through websites. sales were up 21% compared to last year. 17 of those sales were done on mobile devices like smart
5:45 pm
phones or tablets. ibm also says cyber monday capped the highest 5-day online sales period on record with a 16 and a half% increase in sales for those five days. facebook is making it easier to hide unwanted posts on your news feed without offending anyone. you can now click on a link that says i don't want to see this or you can hide all post from that friend and they will not be notified. facebook is doing this to help users see more content they are actually interested in. a river otter is bringing great news to the san francisco bay. for years the animal had been essentially gone from the bay area ecosystem. but navaid owe is giving a lot of people hope here. ktvu's john sasaki at the zoo where otter experts are really happy about this news. >> reporter: that was good news here, but frankly, it was not
5:46 pm
surprising at all. >> this river otter that made its way here is the sign of a resurgence of the cute and playful animal. >> i heard about that in walnut creek. >> at the oakland zoo where the river oater display is always popular and somewhat rowdy, the senior zoo keeper is excited. >> it means that fish is returning. the fish is healthy and living longer. it means the otters are coming around and looking for more. their numbers are increasing and they are looking for places to go. >> you can see the otter yesterday was snacking on a fish. they say as recently as the nineties there were no otters in the bay area at all because of water pollution and hunting. but recently they have been spotted all over. here is video from earlier this year of an otter that made his home in san francisco's sudro basin. >> they are doing better at
5:47 pm
reproducing. maybe the pups are surviving longer and looking for new habitat. >> since they are being seen so often and because they appear to be so playful, doogle says you should not see them as anything but cranky. >> they have very sharp teeth. not so good for people. >> doogleed as she will not enter the otter's enclosures while they are inside. i spoke with a researcher who said he saw -- a viewer who said he saw that same otter today. john sasaki ktvu news. >> john is wearing a heavier winter coat. our chief meteorologist bill martin has been telling us, even the cities are cold now. >> reporter: it will get cold tonight and tomorrow and will continue on for the next 72 hours. daytime highs in the 40 >> some plaices. the weather system -- places.
5:48 pm
we mad reports of sprinkles. most of the activity is about cold air settling in. clear skies will promote the very cool overnight lows. so current numbers 49 in napa. 49 in concord. napa could easily go 29 degrees tonight. right around 29, 30 degrees. the winds are still blowing in santa rosa. the winds die down, the clear skies, that is a recipe for a very cool overnight low. the wind still blowing, it will stay a little bit milder. in the next three hours the winds drop down and that's when temperatures will drop. at 10:00, i will be showing you current temperatures. they are going to be down right cold in santa rosa at 10:00 tonight. in the bay area, it will be cold. jackets will be required if you are going out to dinner. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, it is mostly sunny, but the highs are just in the low 50s. overnight lows, 28 in santa rosa. 29 in napa.
5:49 pm
those are the highlights. freeze warning in effect late tonight, early tomorrow morning for the north bay. freeze warning goes into effect for the rest of the bay area wednesday night into thursday morning. that doesn't mean it is not going to be cold in livermore. it will not be freeze warning worthy yet. san francisco, the forecast as we go through the next couple days, we are looking for -- the next couple hours, 43 at 8:00 a.m. 51 degrees in san francisco at 11:00. they top out at 2:00 at 53 degrees in san francisco tomorrow. so it is definitely going to be cool overnight, but it will be really cold during the day. here we are wednesday morning, tomorrow morning, clear and cold. wednesday afternoon, clear and cold. i'm getting to friday. thursday, clear and cold. thursday afternoon, here it comes, right? this is going to break up the cold spell, too. this is interesting. the models got more aggressive. friday morning, what is going to happen when this moisture
5:50 pm
comes in. you will see very low snow levels. friday morning. watch friday afternoon. cold air still in place. snow levels near nevada way down there for snow levels. this is a cold weather system. it will bring moisture with cold air intact. that give you this really low snow level. the forecast highs tomorrow, 50. we have a couple days of very cold. friday, it will change a little bit. the timing will change. how much moisture they bring in. it could bring in more. could bring in less. here is your very cold wednesday and thursday. and then sort involve an interesting weather pattern. wednesday and thursday are very cold. friday and a little bit into saturday, we have some inclement weather. we will see you back here at 6:00 with updates. >> do we have to worry about freezing rain with the temperatures being so low? >> reporter: possibly. there could be some black ice issues. >> thanks, bill. the piano man, billy joel
5:51 pm
will become the first ever franchise in new york's madison square garden. >> ♪ they say these are not the best of times. >> he signed on for a once a month performance at the world's most famous arena for as long as they will have him. joel will begin his run at the garden january 27th. that show plus the next three shows already sold out. up next, a new strategy to help stressed out travelers at sfo. how this wag brigade is keeping folks happy during the poll day. back with julie haener in our newsroom. >> strategy to prevent bullying. how bay area students teamed up and competed against each other to find a collusion. plus, a new contract for the san jose police department after years of bitter negotiation. why it is not enough to keep some officers from leaving the
5:52 pm
force. >> this new contract is unfortunately just too little too late. >> these stories and much more coming up in about so minutes at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
a congressman from oregon says he has a plan to fix the nation's road and bridges while putting thousands of people together, but it involves doubling the gas tax. the congressman says the money
5:55 pm
raised would do more than just fix our crumbling roads and bridges. >> it has the added benefit of being the fastest way to put hundreds of thousands of people to work. >> the plan is expected to face stiff opposition from republicans. congress has not raised the federal gas tax in 20 years. congressman plans on introducing this bill to raise the federal gas tax tomorrow. the house of representativested to overwhelmingly approved a 01 year extension to the ban of plastic -- 10 year extension on the ban for plastic weapons. some want to widen the ban to include weapons produced by 3d printers. the bill was first enacted in 1988 and reauthorized twice since then. it was due to expire december 9th. no word on when the senate will schedule a vote on that bill. who could use stress relief when flying during the
5:56 pm
holidayest. ed to san francisco international airport is reviewing a program to help travelers relax in a way you might not expect. >> anybody want to pet the puppies? >> it is not unusual to see dogs at the airport these guys aren't flying. they are here to destress those who are. >> you can see people. their eyes light up. they get a big smile on their way. >> this is a volunteer with the wag brigade. volunteers regularly visit the terminals with their set fid therapy dogs and travelers can get a little lo. or in some cases, a lot -- love. in some cases, a lot. >> not everyone is open to the idea, but we found people who love dogs are on board with the program. >> i think everybody breaks out into a smile and everybody wants to pet the dog, which makes people a lot calmer, instead of having to talk to people.
5:57 pm
>> lady barbara found fans of all ages. >> it's nice. very sweet dog. >> her owner says she was made for this kind of work. >> they want to pet the dog. they cuddle the dog. jenna has that kind of personality that would allow them to do so. >> it makes me feel happy that they are here because if i miss the flight and i would probably start petting the dog. >> reporter: the san francisco spca says all the dogs in the wag brigade have been carefully selected for their temperment and suitability. they all wear vest that identifies them as the wag brigade volunteers. sfo is the only airport here in the bay area. a mystery tipper who's left thousands of dollars for servers around the country has now brought a little of that holiday cheer to p workers in san francisco. one server named juliana received a thousand dollar tip
5:58 pm
on a $152 tab. at the bottom of the receipt, the tipper signs the bill at #at tips for jesus. a server at harrah's also received a $200 tip on a $468 tab. >> it is a really nice gesture. >> so many servers are under appreciated. the fact they are leaving a tip to show their appreciation and not doing it behind a cause is a reflection of the whole christianity of what that stands for. >> again, the person leaving these big tips goes by the instagram #for jesus. appears he or she has left more than 50,000 dollars in tips at restaurants across the country. a new movement took hold today challenging folks to get into the spirit of giving it's called giving tuesday. in its second year the event is calling on people to donate to charitable causes to help those
5:59 pm
in need. people have been commenting how they are giving. figures show last year giving tuesday led to an online donation spike of more than 506% 50% over the same day the -- 50% over the previous year. how long the cold snap will last, next. san jose police officers accept a play raise, but is it too little too late? >> they are going to have to do a lot more than what they are planning to do with this new contract to fix that. >> the big obstacles the city is still facing. sen is on for a missing teen. who she was last seen with that makes police believe she could be at risk. get ready because the cold snap is coming as the bay area braces for several days of freezing temperatures. i am frank summerville. >> i am julie haener.
6:00 pm
chief meteorologist bill mar tin tracking just how cold it's going to get tonight. first, ktvu's john fowler shows us how people around the bay area are bracing for this frigid weather. john. >> reporter: i'll tell you, it is quite cold here in walnut creek. there are some things people can do after this little warm spell we've had to get ready so it's not so much of a shock. >> for some, it was a startling one day difference. >> we had a swim. it was about 70 degrees and lovely. now, we're so cold i want to go to starbucks and get warm coffee. >> today's sky signaled a cold front. in the valley, it could be the bay area's biggest drop in temperatures to well below freezing. water companies warning their customerrest about exposed pipes. make sure they are covered and insulated. a hard freeze could burst them. >> they are not going to take cold conditions. >> cover them. >>


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